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Here we would like to show you a small collection of books and other items from our library. These pictures represent just a fraction of the books and other written memorabilia that we have accumulated over the years. There are many volumes of our American Military History and the Wars that have been fought.

Included are books about the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam etc. We have a section devoted to the Rosters and Registers of Vermonters in War. We also have many newspaper articles and some rare vintage books regarding our Military heritage.

Although presently housed in a relatively small section of the museum we are currently on a drive to gather money and resources to proceed with an addition to our library.

Once the new building is in place we will be able to display many more volumes of books that we currently have in storage that pertain to the history of our armed services and the engagements they fought in.

Visit our museum library if you need to do research on a project.