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Vermont Army National Guard iWATCH

Vermont Army National Guard Protection ProgramsVermont Army National Guard iWATCH is a local community awareness program created to educate about and report suspicious behaviors and activities that may have a connection to terrorism or other criminal activity.

Things to Watch for:

  • Suspicious Packages or Bombs
  • Unauthorized Drones
  • Unauthorized Photography or Surveillance Attempts
  • Serious Threats: Threats to Defense Department and U.S. Government installations, facilities, personnel, missions, or resources.
  • Allegiance to the United States Concerns: Involvement in, support of, training to commit, or advocacy of any act of sabotage, treason, or sedition against the United States.
  • Espionage: Unauthorized contact with an officer or agent of a foreign intelligence entity, or who fails to report or disclose, when required to do so: any previous or ongoing relationship or contact with any person from a foreign country; foreign travel; foreign passport or identity card; foreign citizenship or foreign residency; foreign military service; ownership of foreign property; or, undue influence by a foreign interest.
  • Personal Conduct Concerns: A pattern of behavior that puts the individual’s judgment, trustworthiness, candor, honesty, or willingness to comply with applicable laws and regulations into question.
  • Behavioral Concerns: Behaviors may include, but are not limited to, emotionally unstable, irresponsible, dysfunctional, violent, paranoid, bizarre, anti-social, or aggressive behavior.
  • Criminal Conduct: Investigation, arrest or apprehension by a federal, state, or local, law enforcement agency, or the conviction, indictment, or charging by a federal, state or local jurisdiction of any covered person involving: the loss of life; actual or suspected acts of violence or threats of violence (including sexual assault); the illegal possession or transfer of weapons of mass destruction; any criminal offenses involving the use of weapons or explosives.
  • Unauthorized Disclosure: Knowing involvement in unauthorized disclosure, theft, loss, or compromise of classified or protected information to a foreign power, an agent of foreign power, the media, or any unauthorized recipient.
  • Unexplained Personnel Disappearance: Suspicious death or unexplained disappearance.
  • Mishandling Protected Information: Deliberately mishandling protected information, or exhibiting a pattern of negligent noncompliance with rules, procedures, guidelines, or regulations for protecting classified or controlled unclassified information.
  • Misuse of Information Technology: Deliberately misusing information technology, or exhibiting a pattern (two or more incidents closely related in time) of negligent noncompliance with rules, procedures, guidelines or regulations pertaining to information technology.
  • Terrorism: Providing support to, or engaging in contact (including online, email, and social networking) with known or suspected domestic or international terrorist or extremist individuals, organizations, or groups, or any attempt or conspiracy to commit the above.
  • Criminal Affiliations: Providing support to, or engaging in contact (to include on-line, email and social networking) with known or suspected domestic or international criminal organizations, criminal street gangs, or groups engaged in racketeering activities, or any attempt or conspiracy to conduct the above.

How Do I Report?

  • Routine Report (General): Joint Operations Center (802-338-3050) or Front Gate (802-338-3030)
  • Routine Report (Counterintelligence): Army Intelligence and Security Command - iSALUTE
  • Emergency: First call 911, then notify the Joint Operations Center (802-338-3050) or Front Gate (802-338-3030)

What Should I Report?

  • When: The date and time the event occurred
  • Where: Location where the behavior took place
  • Who: Describe the person and vehicle description, including plate number if possible
  • What: Describe what you witnessed and whether you've seen this activity previously