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Free Tuition at Vermont State Schools

  • Eligibility
    • Applicant is an active member, in good standing, of the Vermont National Guard.
    • Applicant has successfully completed basic training.
    • Applicant plans to attend a Vermont university, college, or an eligible training institution offering certificate training or continuing education programs beginning on or after January 1, 2019.
    • Applicant is enrolled in a program that leads to an undergraduate certificate or degree, or is studying for relevant continuing education.
    • Applicant has not previously earned an undergraduate bachelor's degree.
    • Applicant demonstrates satisfactory academic progress.
    • Applicant has exhausted any post 9/11/2001 tuition benefits and other federally funded military tuition assistance, not including Montgomery GI Bill benefits, post September 11, 2001 educational program housing allowances, federal educational entitlements, National Guard scholarship grants, loans Under the National Guard Educational Assistance Program, and other nontuition benefits.
  • Where to Use

    -Vermont State Colleges

    -University of Vermont

    -Vermont Private Colleges
           -Up to the Northern Vermont University rate

    -Certificate Programs

  • Amount Awarded
    • The amount of the award will vary depending upon the institution and/or program in which the student enrolls.
      • Award amount at Northern Vermont University, the University of Vermont, or Community College of Vermont will be equal to the in-state resident tuition rate at the relevant institution.
      • Award amount at a Vermont State College other than Northern Vermont University or at any eligible Vermont private college/university will be the in-state resident tuition rate at Northern Vermont University.
      • Award amount at an eligible training institution for a non-degree, certificate training, or continuing education program, will be the lower of the institution's standard tuition or the in-state resident tuition rate at Northern Vermont University.


    • The Vermont National Guard Tuition Benefit Program (Interest-Free and Forgivable Loan) (VNGTBP) award is a LOAN that covers tuition. If the Guard member receives other federally funded military tuition assistance that covers a portion or all of tuition (including Veteran Affairs benefits), the VNGTBP loan amount will be reduced or eliminated and the school will be required to return funds to VSAC (thereby lowering the amount of the tuition benefit loan).
    • The award amount is for the remainder of the 2018-2019 academic year starting on January 1, 2019 and is based on full-time study (12 or more credits per term). If enrolled less-than full-time, the disbursement amount will be prorated.

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