Human Resources
Establish and maintain a comprehensive and integrated personnel system that enables the manning, readiness and well-being of the Vermont National Guard through policies, programs, procedures and automated systems.

To enhance a ready force by supporting Soldiers and Airmen, acquiring and distributing resources and providing personnel policy.
All Military and Civilian Technician Positions
Contracting Opportunities

The Vermont Army National Guard has a business opportunity for interested small business vendors to provide catered meals at Ethan Allen Training site in Jericho, Vermont during the period 3 October  -10 November, 2020. A total of approximately 1,500 meals will need to be provided over the course of the 5 weeks, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an average of 18 meals per service. Any interested parties requesting more information should contact the Purchasing and Contracting Office at 802-338-3188 or Quotes are due September 28, 2020, at 9 a.m.

Please refer to your specific Job Announcement for what forms are required.

Applications can be printed and mailed to:
HRO Staffing, GMA 789 National Guard Road, Camp John, Colchester Vermont 05446 or Printed and Faxed to: (802)-655-2102. (fax machine is secured within the VT-HRO)

Electronic Forms are provided as a personal convenience. Application packets contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII), DO NOT transmit your application via email over the internet. Applications received over the internet will not be accepted.

AGO-VT Form 300-1 VT Technician Application

AGO-VT Form 300-4 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs)

AGO-VT Form 690-5 Military Resume

OF-306 Declaration for Federal Employment

OF-612 Application for Federal Employment

AGR Specific Forms
NGB Form 34-1 (PDF)

Human Resources Officer
COL Paul Rowe
Provides HUMAN RESOURCES Guidance for the Adjutant General on all Full-time Air & Army Issues
(802) 338-3140

Deputy Human Resources Officer
LTC Christopher Ruggerio
Assists HRO, Manages Army Tech Pay
(802) 338-3144

State Equal Employment Manager (SEEM)
Mr. Duffy Jamieson
EEO/EO issues, Employee Assistance Program, Workplace Violence, Cultural Diversity
(802) 338-3148

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
Ms. Christina Lazelle
Implements the DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program. Central point of contact for all Sexual Assault preventive and response related issues
(802) 338-3149

Victims Advocate Coordinator
Ms. Nicole Sorrell
Designated specialist for victims support services for the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) and Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) programs
(802) 338-3035

Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Manager
MSG David Kitchin
AGR Policy, Regulations, Management Control Plan, Career Management, Waivers, AGR Budget, ADOS Tours,
(802) 338-3143

AGR Personnel Specialist
SFC Travis Bowen
AGR In-processing, Pay Actions/Inquires, Leave, Continuation Boards, Mission Travel, PT/WC Program, Medical/Dental Care, Mob/Demob, MMRB/MEB/PEB, Pay Inquiries, Medical Travel, PCS, Retirements, DD 214, AGR/ADOS Tours, In-Processing, Pay, Leave, PT/WC Program
(802) 338-3657

HR Specialist, Information Systems, HRS(IS)

Ms. Lisa Rock
Technical Administrator for Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS), Maintains Data Quality Control, Identifies HRO Computer Training Requirements
(802) 338-3147

Human Resources Development (HRDS)
Ms. Jennifer Huyler
Manages Tech Training Pay, IDP's & PIP's, Maintains Automated Training & Education
(802) 338-3153

Employee Benefits and Entitlements

CW2 Jessi Lasly, Supervisor
Retirements, Technician Mobilizations, Management of Technician Programs
(802) 338-3245
Ms. Lauren Hanehan
Workers' Comp, Performance Mgmt, Suggestion Program, Incentive Awards, Benefits
(802) 338-3141
Ms. Robin Wing
Military Service Deposits, Employee Benefits, In-processing, NGAUS, TSP
(802) 338-3197

Classification/Position Management & Recruit/Placement/Compensation
CMSgt Louise Acker, Supervisor
(802) 338-3145
Ms. Amy Anderson, Staffing Specialist
(802) 338-3634 

SSG Alejandra Caballero, Human Resources Specialist

(802) 338-3147

MSgt Sara Lemay, Classification Specialist
(802) 338-3142
Position Description Classification, Workforce Management, Desk Audits, Classification Inquiries and Appeals, Federal Wage Survey
Strength Accounting & Manning, Position Description Management & Releases, Position Classification, Tech & AGR Job Announcements and Position Qualifications, Tech Pay Setting Manager, Priority Placement Program, Merit Systems Principle Manager

Labor Management Relations
Mr. Rick Brehm
Management Rep for Contract Interpretation-Negotiations, Adverse Actions
(802) 338-3021

Army/Air Technician Positions

Follow this link to USAJOBS.