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Officer Career Management Program

Officer Career Management Program

Officer Career Management Program Components

In response to numerous command climate surveys and Officer professional development events, the VTARNG has developed and published an Officer Career Management Program (OCMP).  There are three main components to this program:

  1. Career Management Councils (CMCs): A group of senior Officers assembled on a regular and predictable basis to analyze and fill vacancies for a given officer grade as well as provide recommendations for assignments in order to assist officers in achieving career goals.
  2. The Officer Career Management Worksheet:  A tool to assist the officer and the chain of command in planning the rated officer's career. All Officers must complete the form annually.  This worksheet will be used by the rated officer to provide input to the Officer Career Management Board (OCMB).  It will also be used by CMCs to better understand the career goals and assignment history of any given officer. (See Attached Worksheet)
  3. The Officer Career Management Board (OCMB): Conducted to review the IPERMs record of all Officers in the rank of CPT through LTC in order to provide constructive feedback to each Officer concerning career development and to score each Officer in accordance with a pre-established baseline.

The output from the Officer Career Management Board (OCMB) are:

    a. A memorandum through the Chain of Command addressed to each considered Officer which serves as feedback to the Officer. This memo will include the score given by the board and comments input by all board members.

    b. An Officer Management List (OML) which is a list of Officers (CPT - LTC) that lists Officers, by branch and by grade, in order of the score given by the board.  The OML will assist CMCs in making career decisions for Officers.

The first OCMB will be conducted on September 10th through 13th and it will produce the outputs mentioned above (Feedback and OML).  However, given that this OCMB will be the first one of its kind and that there is little time for Officers to prepare, the OML produced by the SEP 2019 OCMB will be produced as a pilot and therefore will not be made public, nor will it inform career management decisions made by the CMCs.  This will allow for our officers to receive feedback from the board and be better prepared for the SEP 2020 Board and also allow the VTARNG refine processes with the lessons learned from the pilot.  

Additionally, it is understood that many officers were not provided sufficient time complete the Career Management Worksheet this year. Consequently, the Career Management Worksheet will not influence the score given to the officer for the 2019 OCMB.  However, it remains a tool for the officer to communicate with the board should the officer find it necessary.

Beginning in SEP 2020 the Career Management Worksheet will influence the OCMB and the OML produced by all future OCMBs will be published statewide and will be used to inform decisions of future CMCs.

The OCMP is intended to be a program that is transparent and a program we continually improve. If you have feedback on how to improve the program, please push them to the G1 through your S1 personnel or chain of command. .

Thank you all for your time.  We sincerely hope that this new OCMP will enable Officers to receive useful career guidance, timely training, and appropriate developmental assignments in order to advance the greatest number of Officers to their maximum potential.


Download and complete both forms.

5 Things to do for the Board!

For detailed information about the Officer Career Management Program, please reach out to your human resource personnel.  For those Officers wondering what they can do to prepare for OCMBs, I recommend: 

  1. Schedule IPERMs reviews with your unit administrator annually.
  2. Fill out and maintain the Career Management Worksheet.
  3. Ensure that your PHA and Dental remain current so you do not become an MRC 4.
  4. Ensure your APFT and DA Photo are up to date.
  5. Attend the requisite PME for your grade