• Applicant is an active member, in good standing, of the Vermont National Guard.

  • Applicant has successfully completed basic training.

  • Applicant plans to attend a Vermont university, college, or an eligible training institution offering certificate training or continuing education programs beginning on or after January 1, 2019.

  • Applicant is enrolled in a program that leads to an undergraduate certificate or degree, or is studying for relevant continuing education.

  • Applicant has not previously earned an undergraduate bachelor's degree.

  • Applicant demonstrates satisfactory academic progress.

  • Applicant has exhausted any post 9/11/2001 tuition benefits and other federally funded military tuition assistance, not including Montgomery GI Bill benefits, post September 11, 2001 educational program housing allowances, federal educational entitlements, National Guard scholarship grants, loans Under the National Guard Educational Assistance Program, and other nontuition benefits.


Where to Use

  • Vermont State Colleges
  • University of Vermont
  • Vermont Private Colleges
    • Up to the Northern Vermont University rate
  • Certificate Programs

Amount Awarded

  • The amount of the award will vary depending upon the institution and/or program in which the student enrolls.
    • Award amount at Northern Vermont University, the University of Vermont, or Community College of Vermont will be equal to the in-state resident tuition rate at the relevant institution.
    • Award amount at a Vermont State College other than Northern Vermont University or at any eligible Vermont private college/university will be the in-state resident tuition rate at Northern Vermont University.
    • Award amount at an eligible training institution for a non-degree, certificate training, or continuing education program, will be the lower of the institution's standard tuition or the in-state resident tuition rate at Northern Vermont University.
  • The Vermont National Guard Tuition Benefit Program (Interest-Free and Forgivable Loan) (VNGTBP) award is a LOAN that covers tuition. If the Guard member receives other federally funded military tuition assistance that covers a portion or all of tuition (including Veteran Affairs benefits), the VNGTBP loan amount will be reduced or eliminated and the school will be required to return funds to VSAC (thereby lowering the amount of the tuition benefit loan).

  • The award amount is for the remainder of the 2018-2019 academic year starting on January 1, 2019 and is based on full-time study (12 or more credits per term). If enrolled less-than full-time, the disbursement amount will be prorated.

Total Benefit

  • Completed Bachelor’s Degree
  • Two certificate programs per term
  • Up to four certificate programs per year

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Service Commitment


  • Complete two years of service (after the scholarship is 1st disbursed) in the Vermont National Guard for each full academic year award disbursed.

  • For members participating on less than a full-time basis, the service commitment is one month of service for each credit hour attempted not to exceed 12 months of service for a single semester.

  • For members participating in training programs, the service commitment is 6 months for each certificate earned. Each Guard member may enroll in up to two training program certificates per term, and up to two terms per year .. Vermont Student Assistance Corporation annually determines the amount of the interest free loan to be forgiven for each completed year of service.

Based on whether applicant met all eligibility requirements and funding is available.

Required Documents

  •  Submission of the following documents will constitute a "COMPLETE" application (see instructions to apply):
    • •Unified Scholarship Application (USA) (submit online @  www.vsac.org)
    • Certification-VNGTBP (completed by an education certifying official from the VTARNG or VTANG and uploaded to VSAC
    • online@ www.vsac.org)
  • Promissory note (to be submitted after scholarship eligibility determined and awarded)

VTNG Determination of "Good" Standing

  • Member must have a satisfactory year of service as determined by their retirement points history for the 12 month period prior to the start of an academic period, or from the date of their enlistment if less than 12 months. Members who fail to maintain satisfactory service will be considered ineligible for tuition assistance for the requested period.

  • Member must not have previously been discharged from the Vermont National Guard for unsatisfactory participation or misconduct. The Adjutant General may grant waivers on a case-by-case basis.

  • Members must not have previously completed a bachelor's degree and must be enrolled in a program at a Vermont undergraduate postsecondary school or a technical center that leads to a degree, diploma and certificate or be studying for relevant continuing education purposes.

  • All members must successfully complete Basic Military Training or commissioning.

  • Members placed on academic probation or academic suspension by their school will not be eligible for VTGTBP.

  • Current members must have a minimum of two (2) years retention on the date of the course completion for the full-time award; one ( 1) year retention for the one-half time award and six months retention for the one-quarter time award.

Loss of Benefit

  • The office of the Vermont Adjutant and Inspector General may terminate the tuition benefit provided to the applicant if:
    • The applicant's commanding officer revokes the statement of good standing.
    • The applicant is dismissed from the educational institution in which the applicant is enrolled for academic or disciplinary reasons.
    • The applicant withdraws without good cause from the educational institution.

  • If the applicant's tuition benefit is terminated for the above reasons, the applicant will be:
    • Responsible for the tuition paid through the program per the terms of the promissory note,
    • Responsible on a pro rata basis for the remaining tuition cost for the current semester or any courses in which the applicant is currently enrolled, and
    • Ineligible to receive future tuition benefits under the program.

VTNG Determination of "Good Cause" for VTGTBP Termination

  • Member becomes an unsatisfactory participant per AR 135-91 or AFI 36-3208.

  • Member separates from the VTNG due to death, injury, illness, or other impairment that results in medical discharge.

  • Member fails to extend for the period of service while in an authorized period of non-availability (i.e. inactive guard reserve) within 90-days of returning back to active drilling status.

  • Member receives an SFP A (Flag) due to Adverse Action that results in an "unfavorable" outcome.

  • Member voluntarily Interstate Transfers (IST) out of the Vermont National Guard.

  • Member fails to become DMOSQ within 24 months of completing Army Basic Training or fails to become AFSC qualified within 12 months of completing Air Force Basic Military Training.

  • Member is voluntarily or involuntarily discharged from the Vermont National Guard to include medical discharges.

  • Members placed on academic probation or academic suspension.

  • Member becomes unenrolled from program at a Vermont undergraduate postsecondary school, regional technical center, or certificate program.

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