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The mission of the Vermont National Guard Library and Museum is to collect, preserve, manage, interpret, and exhibit the Heritage of the Vermont National Guard, both Army and Air Force, and the overall military heritage of the State of Vermont and its Veterans of all military services.  In accomplishing this mission, the museum functions as a resource to both the military and civilian communities for education/training, primarily through standing and temporary exhibitions, and for research.

Hours and Direction


Tuesdays-Fridays: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Please call 802-338-3360 or e-mail museumadm@gmail.com for more information.



Museum Staff


The Vermont National Guard Library and Museum is operated and maintained in accordance with Department of the Army and National Guard Bureau Regulations (AR 870-20 and NGR 870-20).  To assist with the operations of the Museum, The Adjutant General, Vermont National Guard has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, as approved by the Director, Center of Military History, Department of the Army, with the Vermont Veterans Militia Museum & Library, Inc., a Not for Profit Membership Organization Incorporated by the State of Vermont and functioning under a 501(c) (3) determination issued by the Federal Internal Revenue Service.  The Vermont Veterans Militia Museum & Library, Inc., is governed by a Board of Directors in accordance with published by-laws.

Museum Staff:

The museum is maintained and staffed by volunteers.

Honorary President:
Brig. Gen. Greg Knight
The Adjutant General, Vermont National Guard

Mr. John W. Roach

Vice- President:
LTC Richard F. Lorenz USAF (RET.)

CMSgt Bernard Pfenning USAF (Ret.)

SFC Jean Rainville USA (Ret.)

Directors (Class of 2014-16):
SFC Jean Rainville USA (Ret.)
SSgt Wayne Rheaume USMC (Ret.)
Mr. John W. Roach
CMSgt Bernard Pfenning USAF (Ret.)

Directors (Class of 2015-17):
LtCol Herman C. Brown USMC (Ret.)
Mr. John Danley
CWO-4 Andrew Laramee USA (Ret.)
LtC Richard F. Lorenz USAF (Ret.)
Mr. Jacob J. Bangen

Directors (Class of 2013-15):
Mr. Tom Batha
SMSgt Roland Charbonneau USAF (Ret.)
Mrs. Carolyn King
BGen Thomas O’Donovan VTANG (Ret.)
SMSgt John Hauck USAF (RET.)

Museum History

A history presented by our president Ron Crisman

Dear Friend:

Since its founding in the 1970's, the Vermont National Guard Library and Museum has made tremendous strides in preserving our state's proud military heritage. The collection has grown from a few items to a large facility and grounds housing many one-of-a-kind items, including vehicles, tanks, and several aircraft.

Through the efforts of dedicated volunteers, we have successfully moved and "recycled" old buildings, remodeling them into first-class exhibit space. We occupy a premier location at the entrance to Camp Johnson in Colchester and are open to the general public plus special events for private groups with an interest in learning or promoting military history.

Some of the exhibits currently on display include a variety of vehicles and Vermont militia uniforms going back to the 18th century. We also have War of 1812, Civil War, World War One & Two, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm artifacts for all to see. The Hall of Heroes includes uniforms and displays from several Vermonters, such as our state's first 4-Star General, Wallace M. Greene, Jr. – 23rd Commandant of the USMC.

The World War One exhibit is complete with the restored "40 & 8" railroad car given to the people of Vermont by France for our state's efforts and losses in the trenches of Europe. A captured WWI German cannon, various weaponry, uniforms, and amazing large-scale model planes all enhance this unique exhibit.

Work on Phase III was just completed and for the first time since 1914, the massive 1888 Civil War painting by Vermont artist Charles Hardin Andrus of Enosburg has been placed on permanent display. At 17' by 28', "Sheridan's Ride" was the largest oil painting in North America at the time of its completion in 1900. The scene depicts General Phil Sheridan galloping onto the field of battle at Cedar Creek, Virginia on October 19, 1864 as he rallies the Vermont troops who then quickly turn the tide of battle and save the day for the Union.

All of these tremendous advances have been accomplished through the efforts of a small group of dedicated volunteers. From 1996 when we moved to the current location, we have expanded, recycled and built a large complex through thousands of hours of volunteer labor, donated materials, and contributions. Just to complete the new wing, known as "Phase III," it has taken over three years of continual volunteer labor.

Future plans call for an expanded library for our vast collection of written materials and shelter for some of our unique wheeled and tracked military vehicles dating from the Spanish-American War.

We want to invite you to visit the museum and strongly encourage you to volunteer a small piece of your time to help us expand our hours and reach out to the public more effectively. Vermont has a strong and important military history that you can help to ensure is never forgotten.

If you can volunteer time or skills, please call us. Currently, we are open only on Tuesday due to a lack of volunteers but the dream is expand to three days per week. We continually expand through the donations of artifacts – please consider us before disposing of old uniforms, documents, etc.

If you have skills that can help the museum to grow, please volunteer. We have needs as diverse as changing the oil in one of our Jeeps to painting aircraft to carpentry to creating new displays. Computer skills are always welcome.

If you have an interest in military history, here is a chance for you to step forward. Volunteer time, become a member, donate artifacts, and/or help with funding with your fully tax deductible contributions.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Ron Crisman

All donations are fully tax deductible under IRS 501(c)(3)

Volunteer Information-Museum
Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Without their unselfish involvement we would not be able to present this superb collection of military artifacts for your appreciation.

We truly recognize the value of the considerable time and energy that all of of our volunteers provide throughout the year doing the repairs, reconditioning and general upkeep of the displays and buildings. None of these displays would be available if not for their continued support and hard work.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? We can always use more help to complete some of the current and future tasks that we are working on. We also need members to help increase the number of hours and days that we are open.

Do you have a unique skill that may be useful to an organization like ours i.e.: Librarian, military historian, computer, construction skills or maybe you are a museum curator etc.?

If you are interested in volunteering please let us know when, how and in what capacity you may be able to help.
Donation Information

The Museum operates under and is recognized by the IRS as an educational tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization and gifts are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Donations of any kind or value are, of course, always welcome and are truly appreciated!

We are currently on a drive to solicit donations for the next phase of our expansion. We need to complete the new building in order to comply with the Federal Museum Standards.

This next phase will contain the new wing for our library. We have many volumes of informational works not yet displayed that we would like to make available for all to read but just do not have the room to show them.

Do you have any items that you feel would be a good candidate to be displayed at our museum? Contact us by phone or e-mail us at the link below to discuss.

e-mail Museum Admin


Membership Information-Museum

We take a great deal of pride in our museum and would like to invite you to become a member. Below is the schedule for our membership costs and durations. If interested please contact us.

The Museum operates under and is recognized by the IRS as an educational tax exempt 501(C)(3) organization and gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

You can print the this form and mail check to:

Vermont Veterans Militia Museum and Library
Attn. Membership Drive
789 Vermont National Guard Road
Colchester, VT 05446-3360

One Year

Three Year

Lifetime Membership

Corporate Membership