Vermont National Guard Logo Vehicles


F-35s will be taking off at night Tuesday, July 23 to Friday, July 26


Here we would like to present a varied collection of the support ground vehicles that we have accumulated over the years! Although these vehicles do not have the glory nor the notoriety associated with the tanks and other ground vehicles we have on display they are what keep the fighting vehicles in service, well supplied and operational.

As you can see we have very diverse selection displayed on the grounds outside our building as well as a couple of items we maintain inside our building.

M220 21/2 Ton 6x6 Used in Maintenance Co's

M-282 3Cyl. Diesel 1 1/4 Ton 6x6

Tracked Small Unit Support Vehicle 1 1/2 Ton

1/4 Ton M151A2 Also known as MUTT

M29 Weasel Cargo Carrier