Vermont National Guard Logo Forty and Eight Boxcar

Here you will find our Forty and Eight boxcar. This rail boxcar was donated to the state of Vermont by the French government after the 1st World War. France donated one to each state in appreciation of our effort in the war.

The Forty and Eight designation is meant to denote the carrying capacity of these narrow gauge boxcars. They were half the size of their American counterparts. The normal carrying capacity was either 40 men, 8 horses or combination thereof. This somewhat disgraceful and very uncomfortable method of transportation were familiar to any troops that were moved from the coast to the front lines.

By clicking on the link below it will bring you inside our rail car. Once inside you will find a excellent selection of WW1 artifacts including weapons, uniforms and many other articles used during the WW1 conflict. You will also find a collection of news articles and information pertaining to this major conflict.