Vermont National Guard Logo Naval Exhibits

Presented here is our own version of the "Lone Sailor." This uniform's donor was a "China Sailor." The uniform has a silk dragon from Shanghai China that was sewn into the neck flap.

The sea bag is an original WWII issue donated by Royal Houghton, who served at Pearl Harbor.

This statue is used to epitomize the spirit and fortitude of all members of the U.S. Navy, from the Revolutionary War up to the present day. Click image for larger version.

The official U.S. Navy Memorial can be seen at this link.

Although this is a limited display at the moment, we are gathering more and more Naval and Coast Guard items that we hope will greatly enhance our ever growing collection of Vermont and US Navy historical mementos.

Vermont has a proud naval heritage ranging from the Revolutionary War up to present. The Colonial navy on Lake Champlain played a major role in our fight for independence. Along with Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold fought and ultimately won many battles on Lake Champlain. From that point on Vermont, and Vermonters in particular, have been an important part of the naval history of the United States.

Below is a partial listing of ships that have namesakes that are tied to Vermont and it's people. Throughout the years and wars there have been many ships that were named for famous Vermont citizens or after select Vermont towns.

USS Lake Champlain
USS Dewey
Admiral George Dewey Biography
USS Woodstock
USS Montpelier