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The American Revolutionary War was the foundation for our great Nation. This War was fought between the King's forces of Great Britain and the Colonial Revolutionaries between the years 1775– 1783. Also known as "The American War of Independence", our ancestors declared their independence as the United States of America in 1776.

There were many supposed and/or real reasons for the War, depending on the historian you read. Considered two of the main reasons were that the King of England began to tighten his controls on and require more tariffs in the form of the American Revenue Act, also known as the Sugar Tax, followed by the hated Tax Stamp, nothing more than an additional tax levied against the Colonies on all printed materials. With these taxes the Colonies, for the first time, were to pay taxes directly to Britain and not their local legislatures.

Other reasons included the Boston Massacre, where five Colonists were killed and many more wounded, and the Boston Tea Party, which is a well known show of resistance by the Colonists. Also, the formation of the Sons of Liberty, a secret organization created to fight the Stamp Act.

There were many more well documented "specific" reasons for the causes of the Revolutionary War that can be found at this site!

Vermont had declared its own independence in 1777 and, in effect, was an independent nation until it's entry into the United States in 1791. Even though not, in reality, a part of the United States, Vermonters played a large part in and supported the Colonists in the Revolutionary War with its most notable character, Ethan Allen, at the forefront.

Allen led a contingent of the "Green Mountain Boys" into many battles both close to home and throughout many states to our south. These original "citizen soldiers", along with Benedict Arnold, were best known for the capture of Fort Ticonderoga early in the War. The capture of this strategic fortress impeded the advance of the British along the waterways of Lake Champlain from Canada. After the capture of Fort Ticonderoga some of the cannons from that garrison were moved to the Boston area to aid General Washington in his campaign there.

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