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Category: 86th IBCT (MTN)

Meet Your Guard: Sgt. James Hance
May 3, 2018

Meet Your Guard: Capt. Loren Gosselin
April 26, 2018

Meet your Guard: 1st Lt. John Helme
February 16, 2018

Meet your Guard: Sgt. Peter Shepardson
February 16, 2018

National Guard Biathlon Regionals Held in Vermont
January 27, 2018

86th IBCT (MTN) finishes warfighter exercise
July 18, 2017

572nd BEB kicks-off annual training
June 13, 2017

Mechanics support warfighter exercise
June 10, 2017

Different units cooperate to sustain the 86th IBCT Warfighter Exercise
June 9, 2017

572nd BEB conducts first tactical operations exercise as a battalion
June 7, 2017