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It is DoD policy under DoD Directives 5122.5 and 5410.18 that community relations programs be established and that command relationships be delineated throughout the Department of Defense for conducting community relations activities and programs. That policy established that fostering and furthering good relations with communities at home and abroad is in the best interest of the Department of Defense. The Department of Defense and the Military Services are public institutions. They belong to the American people and exist to serve them.

DoD facilities and personnel are located in every State and numerous countries overseas. American communities are the source of most DoD personnel recruitment and materiel procurement. A principal goal of all community relations activites is to increase understanding of U.S. defense posture and capabilities by increasing public exposure to, and understanding of, military personnel, facilities, equipment, and programs.

Additional Forms

SF-180 - Request Pertaining to Military Records

DD2536 - Armed Forces Public Events Request Form

DD2535 - Request for Military Aerial Support

A4881-R - Agreement for the Loan of U.S. Army Materiel

A4881-6-R - Request and Approval for Loan or Lease of Equipment and Loan or Lease Agreement

Community Relations Information