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The job of moving the Vermont National Guard across the United States or around the globe, is no small task.Transport Soldiers can be counted on to deliver anything, anywhere, with seamless coordination.

Using a multitude of wheeled vehicles—from Humvees to troop transports, passenger vans to fuel tank trucks—transport specialists get the Guard where it needs to be during times of combat or peace. And during an times of emergency here at home, VT Army Guard drivers are equipped to get to places others cannot, making them a primary force to save lives and deliver humanitarian aid.


Job training for Soldiers in the Transportation Career Field consists of ten weeks of Basic Combat Training plus Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and on-the-job instruction. AIT ranges from six weeks to nine weeks, depending on your specialty. Soldiers in the Transportation field learn to drive and operate many types of vehicles from forklifts and cranes to buses and 18-wheelers; proper shipment and transfer of cargo; and scheduling and coordination of troop and supply vehicles and convoys.


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