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Military Intelligence


The Vermont Army National Guard depends on information and communication. Intelligence Soldiers provide the Guard with firsthand, vital intel about whether at home or overseas. 

At home, intelligence specialists communicate information on weather, infrastructure, and communication capabilities that can have a huge impact in rescuing towns and civilians in a disaster, or even prevent a national emergency. 

On the battlefield Military Intelligence Soldiers support the Guard's mission along many fronts from conducting interrogations in a foreign language or debriefing friendly intelligence sources, intelligence analysts gain and deliver critical information about the enemy’s location and plans, using state-of-the-art equipment to communicate with ground forces, artillery, armor and air support on the battlefield.


Job training for Military Intelligence soldiers consists of 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training (BCT) plus Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Depending on your specialty and focus within Military Intelligence  training can last from 14 to 54 weeks. Training will be conducted both in the field and classrooms. 

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