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Medical field is made up of trained medical Professionals from Medics to Doctors. Enlisted medical specialists will work firsthand with other medics and doctors to treat combat emergencies, stabilize wounded Soldiers and prepare them for evacuation. Vermont Army National Guard Medics are trained in triage, CPR, basic life support and emergency techniques. which makes them a great resource within their community.

The medical field also offers opportunities to conduct clinical tests as a laboratory specialist or dental assistant. During peacetime, Guard medical specialists offer much-needed international humanitarian and emergency response to the victims of local disaster.


Job training for soldiers in the Medical career field consists of ten weeks of Basic Combat Training plus Advanced Individual Training and on-the-job instruction ranging from 6-54 weeks, depending on your specialty. Whichever job you choose, your training will equip you to save lives and improve the health of soldiers and civilians, and help you prepare for a career in the healthcare field.



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