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Quarter Master / Logistics


When it comes to keeping the Army moving and soldiers supplied there is no greater force then the Logistics Branch of the United States Army. Soldiers who take a career in the Logistics or Quarter Master Branch will over see the delivery and storage of gear, fuel, medical supplies, weapons and ammunition.
From transporting equipment to aiding vehicles, support and logistics Soldiers are vitally important; they serve their country while serving their fellow Soldiers.


America’s success on the battlefield is directly related to the quality of the logistical support that is provided by the Quartermaster Corps. Job training for Soldiers in the Logistics Support Career Field consists of ten weeks of Basic Combat Training plus 6 or more weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT) depending on your specialty. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field. Based on your job, your training might include the handling and storage of supplies, including food, medicine and ammunition; storage and transfer of petroleum; food preparation and water treatment.

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