Must be a U.S. Citizen by birth or naturalization
Must have a GT score of at least 110 on the ASVAB

Must be a High School Graduate or have a GED at the high school level

Must have at least a Interim Secret Security Clearance. Some MOS require actual clearance.

Must pass an Appointment Physical (Chapter 2, AR 40-501, or Class 1A flight Physical)

Must meet height and weight standards

Must pass a standard PT test without alternative event(s)

Must possess outstanding leadership traits

Must be an E5 or above

Must meet specific MOS requirements of DA Circular 601 Series

Technical Specialties applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 46. Age waivers are possible over age 46.

For Rated Aviation Position must be programmed to begin Flight Training prior to age 33

12 Months or more remaining on enlistment contract.

Below is the Warrant Officer Website for more info.

Additional Documentation Required for Predetermination Packet for Warrant Officer Candidate Program

62E - Application for federal recognition.

2807 and 2808 - Report of Medical History and report of medical examination. The required chapter II physical can be scheduled at MED DET through this office if necessary. This will be a commissioning physical. Also, you will need to have taken a urinalysis within the past six months. Females need a PAP within the last 12 months. Soldiers over 40 will need the over 40 physical.

Birth Certificate (or evidence of Citizenship)

Copy of SSN Card

All Orders awarding promotions, awards and decorations (performance related)

Letters of recommendations from your CDR, BN, BDE CDR
Commander's (unit/bn/bde) recommendation – must include the following certification:
"I certify that (name &_rank) successfully passed the Army Physical Fitness Test consisting of push-ups, sit-ups and the two mile run with a score of (score) on (date); the verified height is (feet & inches) and the verified weight is (lbs)."

Letter of recommendation from a CW3-CW5 who is currently in the same career field you seek to enter.

DD214's, NGB 22's

Certified and Updated copy of 2-1

College Transcripts and or High School Diploma
Transcripts documenting completion of required college level courses and courses supporting training related to the applied for MOS

Resume (IAW NGR 600-101) Must be dated and signed

OER's/NCOER's covering period of feeder MOS

Documents listed on Warrant Officer Recruiting homepage required by the proponent. (Training/leadership certificates, DA Form 1059 for all NCOES and applicable schools)

Any and all Civilian Documents which support training or experience directly related to the MOS (Performance evaluations, position descriptions, licenses, etc)

DA 705 (must be within last 6 months and date of submission to proponent)

DA Form 5500/5501 (Body-Fat Worksheet)

Security Clearance JPAS Printout

Statement of Understanding for appointment as a Warrant Officer

Statement of Understanding if unable to complete 20 years service for retirement

DD 368 (only for Soldiers with affiliation in another component or state outside of Vermont)

NOTE: Requests for waivers other than for mandatory prerequisites, i. e., age, civil convictions, or two-time non-selected for promotion, will be submitted as separate actions and not as a part of the predetermination action.
For more information, check the Warrant Officer Career College (WOCC) website for information regarding your WOCS and subsequent training.

USAWOCC Website:

Warrant Officer Recruiting Webpage:

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