Vermont National Guard Logo Museum

Welcome to the Vermont Military Museum and Library web site.  Our organization is dedicated to the accumulation, preservation and display of military artifacts and memorabilia spanning the history of the state of Vermont, in particular, and our great nation in general.  We strive to research and present as much of the Vermont and National military history as we can.  We currently have displays ranging from the Revolutionary War through the more recent engagements in Vietnam and Afghanistan and Iraq.

Some of the exhibits currently on display include a variety of vehicles and Vermont militia uniforms going back to the 18th century.  We also have War of 1812, Civil War, World War One, World War Two, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm artifacts for all to see.  The Hall of Heroes includes uniforms and displays from several Vermonters, such as our state's first 4-Star General, Wallace M. Greene, Jr. – 23rd Commandant of the USMC.

Our museum survives on memberships, donations and volunteers alone. Access to our museum is free of charge and as with any non-profit organization donations are tax exempt to the extent allowed by law (IRS Code IRC 501(c)(3)).

Please take the time to browse our web site to get an idea of what you will see when you visit us in person. Although we have tried to present as widespread a picture of our museum as possible you can not appreciate it fully until you have the chance to visit us in person.

Enjoy your tour and we sincerely hope to see you soon!