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Meet Your Guard: CMSgt Brian Senecal

| 158th Fighter Wing | Sept. 28, 2018

South Burlington, Vt. —
Name: Chief Master Sgt. Brian Senecal
Military Specialty: Operations Group Superintendent
Years of Service: 35
Unit 158th Fighter Wing Operations Group
Hometown: Cornwall Vermont
Current Town: Milton Vermont
High School/Graduation Year: Middlebury High School 1983

Q. Why did you join the Vermont National Guard?
A. Honestly, when I returned to Vermont after being in the Army for 3 years, I was wanting to continue my military service, so I joined the Air Guard in January of 1987 and was hired full time in June 1987. My cousin was in the unit and encouraged me to join.

Q. What do you do in the Vermont National Guard?
A. I started out as a Crew Chief for the F-16, in that job I maintained one or more F-16 aircraft, I did that for 13 years then became a supervisor on the flight line from there I have moved to numerous supervisory positions, and currently I am the Operations Group Superintendent, where I work closely with the group commander to represent the needs of the enlisted members in my group.

Q. What do you do for civilian work?
A. I work at the VTANG full time and have for over 31 years. I do the same thing full time as what I do on a drill weekend.

Q. What do you think is the greatest benefit of being in the National Guard?
A. Doing a job that is both rewarding and fun. Each day presents a different challenge and I get to work with many other hard working selfless airmen. I have traveled to numerous states and countries throughout my 35 years in the military.

Q. How has being a National Guard member benefited you in your local community and job?
A. I have attended many schools and had numerous training opportunities. I am active in my community as a member of the Knights of Columbus, the Eagles and the VFW. These opportunities have helped me become a better leader and Airman.

Q. What is your most memorable military moment?
A. The day I met my wife who is also a member of the guard when she came to work on my airplane, she was in the weapons shop at the time and my aircraft had an issue with the weapons system. That was 24 years ago.

Q. How long have you lived in Vermont?
A. My whole like except for the 3 years I lived in Alaska while I was in the active-duty Army.

Q. What is your favorite aspect of living or working where you do?
A. My favorite part of living where I do is that Milton is a nice town and I have great neighbors in my neighborhood. As far as where I work I enjoy the airmen I work with every day. They are what make the VTANG the outstanding unit it has been, is currently and will continue to be in the future.

Q. What has surprised you about the Vermont National Guard?
A. How big of an impact we have had whenever we have deployed in combat. I have also been amazed at how many people within the state have no idea about the opportunities the guard provides.

Q. What is your favorite part about serving in the VT National Guard?
A. The great people that I am privileged to serve with. Being part of an organization that not only defends our freedom, but also one that is ready and able to help out (and has) for local support after hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters.

Q. How many push-ups did you get on your last physical fitness test?
A. 39