NEWS | April 17, 2018

Meet Your Guard: Staff Sgt. Ryan Maskell

Detachment 1, Garrison Support Command

Name: Staff Sgt. Ryan Maskell
Military Specialty: 12A, 12B
Years of Service: 9
Unit: Detachment 1, Garrison Support Command
Hometown: Highgate, Vt.
Current Town: Highgate, Vt.
High School/Graduation Year: MVU, 2008 

Q. Why did you join the Vermont National Guard? 
A. College wasn’t a path for me and the Vermont National Guard seemed to have good opportunities.

Q. What do you do in the Vermont National Guard?
A. Operate heavy equipment for road and special project construction.

Q. What do you do for civilian work?
A. I own my own construction company. Carpenter for mostly residential and light commercial projects.

Q. What do you think is the greatest benefit of being in the National Guard?
A. The health insurance is a great benefit. The opportunity to do different projects is also a great aspect.

Q. How has being a National Guard member benefited you in your local community and job?
A. It has given me a chance to help my community on a bigger level. It has given me many life lessons.

Q. What is your most memorable military moment?
A. Rebuilding roads destroyed during Hurricane Irene in Cavendish and on Route 100.

Q. How long have you lived in Vermont?
A. 28 years

Q. What is your favorite aspect of living or working where you do?
A. I know most people and also have family and friends nearby. 

Q. What has surprised you about the Vermont National Guard?
A. The amount of different jobs that exist within the Vermont National Guard.

Q. What is your favorite part about serving in the VT National Guard?
A. Being there for the local/national population when needed.

Q. How many push-ups did you get on your last physical fitness test?
A. 50

Q. What made you volunteer for this Senegal Mission?
A. A chance to go to Africa. To see how their culture operates.

Q. Is this your first time here going to Senegal? 
A. Yes, I want to work with the Senegal military to construct a range and to see a different culture.

Q. What is your mission in Senegal?
A. Construct a known distance range with the Senegal military. Building a stronger relationship with them.

Q. Why do you think your mission in Senegal is important?
A. For the U.S. to have a strong ally in Western Africa.

Q. What do you want to take away from this trip?
A. To have experienced going to Africa, working with their military, and having the memories from that trip.

Q. How do you think this mission helps the Vermont National Guard?
A. This strengthens the relationship with Senegal.

Q. How do you feel about being able to train with the Senegal Army?
A. This is a good opportunity to meet people from a different culture.

Q. What are some differences between Senegal and Vermont?
A. Weather is much warmer and drier.