NEWS | July 28, 2016

New England CBRNE trains during Vigilant Guard 2016

By Sgt. Heidi Kroll 172nd Public Affairs Detachment

The New England National Guard Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High Yield Explosive (CBRNE) Enhanced Response Force Package (CERFP) began their mission on Range 3-1 at Camp Ethan Allen Training Site (CEATS), Jericho, Vt., July 28, 2016 as part of Vigilant Guard 2016. This CERFP consists of Army National Guard Soldiers in partnership with the Air National Guard.

When CERFP is called need to be on the ground in six hours or less, and ready to assist local authorities handling a disaster. Bringing to the table the ability to provide emergency medical services, search and rescue, and the ability to decontaminate individuals.

“We are doing the undressing station, removing the clothing and reassuring the casualty,” said Private First Class Bryan Roy, field artillery automated tactical data systems specialist, 1st Battalion 103rd Field Artillery, Rhode Island Army National Guard.

Today a non-ambulatory decontamination line was set up, which was manned by mortarmen, infantrymen, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration, and field artillery automated tactical data systems specialists. These Soldiers and Airmen were working in a field outside their typical military duties today.

“It is nice change of pace to get out and help the community in a time of need,” said Spc. Michael Minnion, infantryman, Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 172 Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Mountain), 1st Battalion, New Hampshire Army National Guard.

Soldiers and Airmen carrying stretchers lined up at the entrance to the non-ambulatory decontamination line carrying mannequins with simulated injuries. The Soldiers and Airmen inside the tent receive the simulated patients and begin the decontamination process.

“We are checking for contamination spots, which are normally located under the neck,’ said Tech. Sgt Dawn Elnickie, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration, 143rd Civil Engineering Squadron, Rhode Island, Air National Guard.

“My normal job is ministering to Soldiers, if this is where it is needed this is where I need to be,” said 1st. Lt. Phillip Dow, chaplain, 521st Troop Command, Maine Army National Guard. Dow prepared to lift a decontaminated mannequin from the line onto a stretcher to be prepared to receive further medical treatment.

Once the patient has gone down the line and is considered clean of any contaminants, there are several other sections of the CERFP ready and waiting to provide addition care to the individual.

The New England CERFP is participating in Vigilant Guard 2016 along with several local, Federal and military agencies in response to a theoretical disaster. With participants from nine different states and many townships scattered throughout Vermont for this exercise, the CERFP will be able to test their ability to respond to several different situations over the course of the 10-day exercise.