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The Vermont National Guard Library and Museum is operated and maintained in accordance with Department of the Army and National Guard Bureau Regulations (AR 870-20 and NGR 870-20). To assist with the operations of the Museum, The Adjutant General, Vermont National Guard has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, as approved by the Director, Center of Military History, Department of the Army, with the Vermont Veterans Militia Museum & Library, Inc., a Not for Profit Membership Organization Incorporated by the State of Vermont and functioning under a 501(c)(3) determination issued by the Federal Internal Revenue Service. The Vermont Veterans Militia Museum & Library, Inc., is governed by the following Board of Directors:

Honorary President:
Maj. Gen. Steven A. Cray
The Adjutant General, Vermont National Guard

Mr. John W. Roach

Vice- President:
LTC Richard F. Lorenz USAF (RET.)

CMSgt Bernard Pfenning USAF (Ret.)

SFC Jean Rainville USA (Ret.)

Directors (Class of 2014-16):
SFC Jean Rainville USA (Ret.)
SSgt Wayne Rheaume USMC (Ret.)
Mr. John W. Roach
CMSgt Bernard Pfenning USAF (Ret.)

Directors (Class of 2015-17):
LtCol Herman C. Brown USMC (Ret.)
Mr. John Danley
CWO-4 Andrew Laramee USA (Ret.)
LtC Richard F. Lorenz USAF (Ret.)
Mr. Jacob J. Bangen

Directors (Class of 2013-15):
Mr. Tom Batha
SMSgt Roland Charbonneau USAF (Ret.)
Mrs. Carolyn King
BGen Thomas O’Donovan VTANG (Ret.)
SMSgt John Hauck USAF (RET.)