Among the career fields offered in the Vermont Army National Guard, there are over 100 jobs, also known as Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). Explore each field to find the one that is right for you. The Vermont Army National Guard does not have units designated as Armor, Special Forces, or Psychological Operations. Infantry
This is what the military is all about. Develop the Soldier skills to defend your country, your unit and yourself in battle as one of the Guard’s warriors. Quartermaster / Logistics
Supply troops with everything they need, on and off the battlefield. Support your fellow Soldiers by delivering and storing food, fuel, weapons and water.

 Cavalry Scout

The cavalry scout is responsible for being the eyes and ears of the commander during battle. They engage the enemy in the field, track and report their activity, and direct the employment of weapon systems to their locations. Signal / Communications
Become one of the Army Guard's information and communication specialists, and help maintain the world's most advanced technology. Field Artillery
Deliver the Guard’s thunder and lightning. Combine the artillery’s crushing, long-range firepower with the armored branch’s quick-strike capabilities. Ordinance / Maintenance
Keep the Guard's machines rolling and equipment running into combat, during domestic emergencies and as part of everyday drilling and training. Aviation
Control the sky above the battlefield. Fly as a crew chief or use your mechanic skills to maintain some of the world's most advanced aircraft. Military Police
Enforce the law, secure bases, protect officers and keep fellow Soldiers safe as a member of the Guard's emergency response and law enforcement team. Medical
Make the difference in emergencies. Guard medical personnel save lives in combat operations, domestic emergencies - even everyday situations. Engineer
Pave the way for any size construction or demolition project. From surveying and bulldozing to topping buildings and bridges to constructing new roads. Transportation
Deliver the Guard around the world. Bring Soldiers and supplies to the heart of the battle or anywhere emergencies and important needs arise. Band
Join an accomplished group of musicians as a member of the 40th Army Band. The 40th is proud to have some of the area's finest professional musicians who play at a variety of events. Chemical
Join a branch of professional Dragon Soldiers dedicated to the defense of our nation. Plan, employ, and coordinate CBRN defense systems and be the unit's expert. Military Intelligence
Provide critical information and maintain the intelligence assets necessary to win on the battlefield and protect the country. Be the eyes and ears of the Army. Administrative
Use your office-management, public relations and journalism skills to help manage the Guard's records, news, images and other administrative needs. Legal
Be an integral part of the Guard's legal system by assisting Court officers and unit commanders with legal matters.